Just Publish.

Several weeks after having written my first blog, I am ready to admit that for me the most challenging part about writing a blog is actually sitting down and typing. No shortage on thoughts or stories, just a shortage on …

I don’t want to say dedication

I don’t want to say diligence

I don’t want to say focus

But all are true, really. At least they are true regarding blogging and me. And, they are true, well, were true up until the moment I publish.

I like time. I get lost and turned around in time the same way I get lost and turned around without a GPS. In either case you can have a fascinating adventure, or what feels like a moment here and there where your very heart stops.

I like time, though. It’s the great equalizer. As much as we hear about inequity, injustice and disparity–various life circumstances and access to wealth cannot change the number of hours in the day.


And now, it’s time to POST!