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I watched you today—your bubbly enthusiasm, your disarming smile.
You charmed the crowds as they drifted in
Wave after wave of young learners

You beckoned them to you
Encouraged questions
Spoke with ease

It made me wonder where you got the sparkle that’s in your eye
Why and how you were so comfortable presenting
How this is the element you found yourself in.

I was more fascinated with you working the crowd from one spot than with the crowd itself.

And, I was proud

Because, I knew I had nothing to do with that
Your shine.

Your shine is a gift!

While others reacted to the intensity unpredictably,
You basked in it.

Led others to feel comfortable,
Made adults and children alike feel welcome.

It was priceless

Part of what makes you both adorable and adult

I like the way you think on your feet
Encourage dialog
Proceed boldly
Engage others.

I like the way you shine!