I just wrote about learning.

About hopes and dreams

And it was sweet.


But learning sometimes hurts

Lessons can be painful or unwanted

I see this, occasionally.

Liken it to how a chiropractor assesses, adjusts, cracks.

Some things that need fixing must be cracked first.


Needing attention, c – o – n – s – t – a – n – t – l – y . . .

Sometimes too much independence

Often, not enough

Sometimes too much trepidation

Often, not enough

Sometimes too much talking, yelling, calling-out

Sometimes, not enough.

There is no one equalizer,

But there are thousands of unique ways we all must grow


Lean into the uncomfortable.

Breathe until it becomes bearable


Feels good.

Bonsais get clipped

Trees pruned to produce more prolific fruit, flowers

But when we speak of school, we idealize constant joy.

I teach Kinder-GARDEN

Gardeners grow things

Use stakes as scaffolding for plants

Enrich soil so nutrients are available

Adjust placement for sun or for shade.

Make adjustments that may strike roots into shock before they fill with nutrient-rich futures

Even the most beautiful petals have roots in dirt.

It’ll get a little messy sometimes

No need to worry about the dirt

The discomfort

We’re working on a bountiful bloom.

Breathe into it.

It’s gonna be all right.


4 thoughts on “#SOL15.Breathe.Into.The.Pain

  1. marc-aureled March 26, 2015 / 9:05 pm

    This is beautiful! I loved all of your metaphors for learning… it is a struggle but it leads to growth!

  2. Lori Kidder March 27, 2015 / 1:24 am

    At times I get trapped in the idealized thought that if I love them they will love me and we will all live happily together. But I do need to guide and shape them. And at times we all feel the pain of growth.

  3. LSquared March 27, 2015 / 5:41 am

    Only people who have taught kindergarteners know what those three words mean: I teach k i n d e r g a r t e n .
    I teach two short small groups of kinderbuddies daily for reading intervention. Oh my.
    Today I was doing my best keeping the lesson moving, listening to them, fielding the layers, and juggling the pieces, when one said, “You’re funny. I love you.”
    I rejoined, with “Aww…I love you guys, too.”

    I seriously almost cried when they went back to class. People should be awarded medals for teaching kindergarten.

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