Somewhere in the middle of these stories,
I get up and either coax or fuss my kids back to bed.

Whatever works, backrubs, out and out threats

Different days, different means.

I say that to acknowledge that while it’s not the fantasy

It is at least getting done.

And though the journeys vary,

The destination has been met

Some journeys pleasant strolls alongside green pastures—still waters

Others, shadowed valleys.



Yet—the task accomplished

The proverbial pen has been swung

Ink spilled into thoughts, words strung together

For something coherent, light

Incredibly in or far outside my own reality.

Not always linear

Rather, rarely liner

But, here.

Sometimes it really isn’t about the journey

Journeys can be awful, stressful, cumbersome, un-fun adventures.

Makes me think of tumultuous seas…

Wave after wave of “Are we there, yet?”

Wave after wave of take me back home…

Adventures so long that you fear it’s your only reality.

Sometimes, it’s simply about the destination.

Peeling the layers until all you have is a refined arrow that will fly directly

where intended



Slicing through muck, mire

Slicing through resistance.


And destination is the goal.


One thought on “#SOL15.Fantasy.Revisited

  1. LSquared March 26, 2015 / 2:40 am

    This seems to me like writing about writing and how getting something out is the destination. Sometimes easy, other times tumultuous struggle.
    I notice a style in your free verse, I think. I notice you have recently written some lines that are simple and lead me in as the reader. Then the subject changes, or you get down to the real subject now that the reader is in.
    Sometimes it feels like two pieces because the style changes in the second part.
    Do you notice any shape or style like that?

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