#SOL15.Scrambled Eggs & Some More Things


I was gonna write about how my day was scrambled. Starting with having to wake when a perfectly good rainstorm was carrying-on, down to the last few hours of catch-up for time lost…

Then, I realized that this is the eve of the last day in March–which means that the SOL challenge is nearly complete, and it also means I’ve nearly completed it.

I’ve never written more consistently. I’ve hated diaries for that very reason.

My aunt, who used to teach creative writing told me: “Write every day.”

It took this challenge to make me understand that the value is consistent practice. I can actually chart similarities in posts, ones that took a turn, words that seem to be on the front-burner of my mind.

But in the case of SOL, the greatest gift is the community of slicers, cheer-leaders, fellow-writers with an eye for writing and a thirst to discover. That’s been the best part–the comments that encourage and invite.

So while today felt a little like scrambled eggs and I got scrambled and tangled all up into myself! I can also think on the fact that eggs taste good! Now, where’s the bacon?


One thought on “#SOL15.Scrambled Eggs & Some More Things

  1. writekimwrite March 31, 2015 / 2:35 am

    The bacon? Maybe continuing to share every Tuesday? I hope you do because writing is good for us! 🙂

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