Infuse. 1/4

tea infuser

The Cooperative Learning course had just ended with several invigorating lessons taped by new practitioners. Several rounds of self-reflection and peer feedback later and we stood toe-to-toe listening to the pros and cons of the method in a rapid-fire activity called Face-Off. Here we stood, adult learners at the end of the lesson presentation, poised to make cooperative learning a practice. I co-led the group, and I stood inspired both by colleagues and their students.

Tea infusers come in a myriad of shapes

All kinds for all personalities, functional to decorative.

Either way, the infuser is the vessel that contains the power

The power is the leaves.

If the hot water is our curriculum

Cooperative learning is the full immersion technique

What I like most about cooperative learning is the respect and reverence we give to the tea leaves.

Our children, empowered and accountable for their learning and teaching

We don’t suppose them empty vessels to be filled, but fragrant contributions to their surroundings.

The information is already here. But their feet have yet to tread this path, and when they walk this path of discovery, what will they retain from the experience?

How will their individual experience flavor and impact their learning?

I was compelled.


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